Welcome to my new blog! British Aisles is my little corner of the internet, where I plan to celebrate everything British culture has to offer–at least the bits that make it over to me here on this side of the pond. I will be focusing mainly on TV, movies, and books from British creators, but will also include stories from other nationalities that take place in Britain or feature British characters.  I imagine a lot of what will be featured will be English, rather than British, but I am trying to expand my selection to feature all aspects of British life. I also plan a few rants and discussions about other aspects of British life, including some fun facts I learned in my British history courses, and my personal opinion on high tea, etc.

I hope this will be both a fun place for banter and discussion, and a good resource for reviews worth trusting.  If any of you are doubting my credentials, I’ll tell you why I’m a good reviewer.  I received a very expensive degree in English literature from a very fancy school.  But that isn’t why. The reason I’m a good reviewer is the passion.  A lot of reviews (I’m looking at you New York Times) emphasize the elegance over the emotion. They discuss books, etc. in a very intelligent, sophisticated way, and they tend to discuss very intelligent, sophisticated books.  That has its place, I suppose, but that place is not anywhere near this blog. This blog is about books (and TV and movies) that make me feel something strongly.  Mostly, I will be raving about the great new episode of Sherlock, or explaining in detail why everyone needs to read Julian Barnes. Occasionally, I will be ranting.  I won’t be the most elegant or intellectual. This blog is not for academics. It’s for people who want something to be passionate about. Every review, every list, every everything, will have passion.  And, if I’m lucky, might also be occasionally clever or meaningful.


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