Coming Soon to BBC America: Crash Course with Richard Hammond

The new season of Top Gear starts in mid-April, and BBC America recently released a trailer for Richard Hammond’s new show which will premiere just after Top Gear. It’s called Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, and it actually takes place in America. Here’s the trailer:

I can’t say the premise is my idea of great television, but it is Richard Hammond and he is by far my favorite member of the Top Gear trio.  And all of the Top Gear personalities are most enjoyable when they make idiots of themselves, and I can’t imagine there will be a single episode where Hammond doesn’t humiliate himself to some degree.  The premise of the show is that he has 3 days to learn how to drive each of a list of ridiculous vehicles. The two featured in the trailer (that I noticed) are a tank and a fire truck.

It occurs to me now that this show, the new season of Top Gear, AND the Julian Fellowes Titanic Miniseries all start the weekend of April 15th, which is also my birthday! That should be a fairly busy weekend for me and anyone who is an anglophile.


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