British Aisles is the home for my reviews and raves over the British cultural output.  I deal mostly in movies, TV, and lots and lots of books.  This obviously includes British authors/auteurs, but also works with British characters or set in Britain from characters elsewhere. Occasionally, I will share other things I like about Britain, from music to politics to exceptional tea.

For the record, I am not British. I am American, and this blog is going to focus on my personal insights into what I admire about British culture. It is not meant to be a holistic look or an accurate portrayal of life in the UK.  I did spend 6 months doing a study abroad semester in London, and have at least been to a few places in Britain.  I hope to go back.  I think I have spent enough time there to learn some things, see what I really enjoy about the place, but not so much time that I became unaware of the differences between Britain and America.

My Review Policy:

I am happy to review books, movies, TV, or music.  Of course, the selections should fit in with the British theme of the blog. I particularly love Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Historical, YA/teen, and similar.

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  1. Thanks so much for viewing and following my blog. Love the name of your blog! I’m searching for more people like you who can help me spread the word about the great British TV that’s out there. That’s really why I started this blog. (I’ve got another one about travel as well.)

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